Thursday, July 18, 2013

Environment Based Movement - new class dates open!

Environment Based Movement Class
Nature is wherever you are. 

Develop balance, strength, coordination and flow while learning to move comfortably in your environment, whether at home, on the street, in the park, or out in the wilderness. These basic movement skills and awareness practices form the basis of traditional Chinese movement and martial arts as well as being common to most traditional cultures.

This program will be 3 meetings, one Saturday morning a month for three months. It includes a specific movement program and exercises to train throughout the month to prepare the students for each subsequent session.
Session dates are: August 24, September 28, October 26.

The cost for the program is $120. The member's rate is $108. The class size is limited due to the nature of this program.
Class location will vary as we will be going to different environments to practice nature awareness and train our movement skills. This class is for all ages and abilities.

Have fun and enjoy moving freely as part of your environment!

Contact us for more information or to reserve a spot.

Feedback from a participant in our last session:

"I really enjoyed your Environment Based Movement class...

It was so helpful and non-threatening the way you tailored the class to fit each persons ability level, and showed us exercises and ways of moving that I could actually practice and do. You showed us all that we don't need a gym or fancy equipment, that wherever we are can be a practice area: stairs for the quadrapedal crawling, both forward and backwards; sidewalks for blind walking; curbs and benches for balancing; and door frames and wall for push-pull strength building. What amazes me is how quickly I see improvements in my balance and movements.

You also showed us that being aware of our environment is not just appreciatng the grand scheme of nature - trees, clouds, sky, etc, (which is important and relaxing), but also cultivating our sensory perception for the little things. Becoming familiar with our norm and then being aware of small changes in it that can trip us up. That was very important for me!

The simple daily routine you gave us was very helpful and manageable. I really like the balance exercises and how to "bounce off" obstacles to minimize injuries from falls. I am more conscious of walking in a balanced way, and it feels good!One of the most important lessons for me was changing my mind-set from "I can't" to "I can take small steps and move forward." Hopefully with practice I can recapture some of that freedom and joy in movement that every child is born feeling!"