Monday, January 13, 2014

Medical Qigong Workshop

The Fundamental Exercises of Medical Qigong
with Sean Fannin, CH, Dipl.CEM

Saturday February 8 from 10am to 3pm
Tuition: $80, $65 for members of the Center for Traditional Health Arts
class size is limited • (707) 763 8040 •

Our morning session of this workshop will include detailed instruction on the practices of Quiet Qigong and discussions on medical qigong and the philosophy of quietness and efficiency within daily life. 

One of the simplest to learn yet most profound qigong practices, Quiet Gong forms the basis for all other practices within Medical Qigong. It trains the body, breath and mind to adapt to change and face challenges with inner stability and clarity. This is the exercise that is most commonly used by my teacher as well as in my practice to help people restore their health.

In the afternoon session we will cover the philosophy of movement within Medical Qigong, and detailed instruction of the Three Gates Gong, First Full Moving Qigong (Taiji Dongzuo Gong) of Comprehensive Medical Qigong, and Second Moving Gong parts 1 & 2.