Monday, February 14, 2011

Nourishing Life Booklet & Newsletter Update

I've had people asking for the PDF booklet that I sent a link for in the last newsletter. The booklet is called Nourishing Life: Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles of Individualized Nutrition.

Also, I've been a bit behind in sending the newsletters lately as I've been working on a writing project with Peggy Schafer that has taken all my spare time. That is wrapped up for now, so I'm hoping to send the next newsletter out fairly soon.

Fu Tian Herbs Presentation - Sunday February 27th

I'll be doing a presentation for Fu Tian Herbs in Oakland on Sunday, February 27th from 10-12 for practitioners and students of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During the presentation I'll discuss using domestically grown Chinese medicinal herbs, specifically herb extracts, in a clinical practice. I'll talk about the traditional uses of formulas and single herb prescriptions when using domestically grown herbs and we'll taste samples of the herb extracts that we discuss. I'll also discuss areas of conservation, quality and purity of herbs here and in Asia and possible ramifications of that for the future of TCM. All in all this should be a fun, interactive morning, with time for questions, discussions and experience with the herb extracts.