Thursday, February 26, 2015

New CEU Programs Coming Up

We have several programs that are now in progress or coming up that provide Acupuncture CEUs (Continuing Education Units - a requirement by the state acupuncture board for re-licensure) for practitioners. These classes are also open to anyone that has an interest in classical Chinese medicine and Chinese philosophy and the direct application of that philosophy in daily life. 

The underlying aim of these classes is to explore the wisdom of the classics and apply this wisdom to our lives and work. A deeper understanding of the classics brings a richness to the practice of Chinese medicine, that results in greater insight and clinical effectiveness, a deeper relationship to our patients and a practical, meaningful way of relating to ourselves, our community and the natural world. We work closely with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee on many of these classes and some of her presentations here are part of the Teaching from the Roots program that Elisabeth and Ken Rose have developed. Please see for more information.

Classes include:

March 21 Workshop  
Treating the Spirits
Please see the post below for full details.

Monthly Suwen Series -  Study Group
This is an ongoing study group of fundamental chapters of the Suwen. We take the format of a collaborative group with each participant becoming familiar with the text and presenting and participating in the discussions. This series provides 3 CEUs per meeting. Our group is currently full but if you are interested in the next series, we will have an open meeting with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee on May 8, and then a new series starting in June.

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee Programs in May and November
Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee, a leading international teacher and scholar of the Chinese classics and the author of many books on Chinese medicine will be teaching in Petaluma Friday May 8 and Friday November 6,  2015.  The topic for May 8 is Tian, Heavan, Nature, Natural Order.  These classes can be taken individually, but are also part of the Teaching from the Roots program. Following each Friday class in Petaluma there is a full weekend program in Berkeley with Elisabeth Rochat and Ken Rose on a related topic.

October Workshop
Sean and Ian will be teaching another one-day workshop in October on Treating the Emotions with Chinese Medicine. Contact us if you would like details.

Again, for more information on any of these programs please feel free to call Sean at (707) 763-8040 or email

Thank you,

Sean Fannin and Ian Rawlinson

Treating the Spirits CEU program

A one day workshop exploring the wisdom of
Chinese Medicine with
Sean Fannin & Ian Rawlinson
Saturday, March 21, 2015

Petaluma, CA
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

7 hours acupuncture CEU’s pending

For thousands of years Chinese medicine has recognized the importance of treating the spirits. The Chinese classics frequently mention the importance of the spirits.

When spirits are overwhelmed they leave; when left in peace they remain. Thus the most important thing in the conduct and treatment
of a being is maintenance of the spirits.

Su Wen Chapter 13

In Chinese medicine the concept of the spirits is not a vague or ill-defined idea, but one which is described extensively and in detail in the Chinese classics. Developing a deeper understanding of these ideas has great benefit to anyone interested in gaining a full understanding of Chinese medicine.
In this workshop through lectures, experiential exercises and discussions we will explore ways we can understand these important ideas. Emphasis will be placed on practical ways to apply these ideas to our own lives and helping our patients maintain the benefits of treatment.

A large number of acupuncture points include reference to the spirits in their name. Points such as Spirit Store- house, Heavenly Spring and Receiving Spirit are a few of many important points that help support the spirits. In
this part of the workshop we will examine some of these acupuncture points and explore their clinical application.

Chinese Herbs & Qi Gong
Within Chinese herbal medicine, one of the primary ways that we can focus on addressing the spirit is through the blood. The blood is the material basis and root or anchor for the spirit, in particular the relationship of the blood to the heart and liver. In this part of the workshop we will focus on engaging the spirit through the blood from our initial interactions with the patient all the way through our specific choice of herbal strategies.

Ian Rawlinson B.A. B.Ac. LicAc. has studied Oriental healing traditions for 40 years. In 1980 he began his studies of Five Element Acupuncture. What led him to study this tradi- tion of Chinese medicine was the emphasis it places on treating not only the body, but also the emotions and the shen or spirit. Working with patients with this integrated approach
has absorbed him for over 30 years.
Sean Fannin, CH, Dipl.CEM is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, specializing in traditional Chinese herbalism, Medical Qigong, and client education. He has worked in a clinical practice that is based on the Chinese medical and philosophical classics since 1992. Sean’s primary interest is in classical Asian philosophy and its application to modern life. This has formed the basis for his clinical practice, teaching and writing.

For general questions and information contactSean Fannin: 707.763.8040

For enquires about the class content contact:
Sean 707.763.8040 or Ian: 707.762.4309

Space for the class is limited and preregistration is required

Fees: General public before March 4, $115. After March 4, $130. Fees for acupuncturist wanting CEU’s before March 4, the fee is $150.
After March 4, the fee is $170
Cancellations made before March 14 will result in a full refund, less a $50 administrative fee. No refunds will be made for cancellations after March 15, 2015